War and Peace Group Read

Yesterday I mentioned joining the Tea & Books Reading Challenge.  Another book event that I plan to tackle in 2012 is a group read of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.  If you are interested in joining this group please visit A Room of One’s Own for the details and to sign up.  Originally this project started in 2011, however some of the original members fell behind or got too busy with life.   So Jillian is offering an extension for those still reading the novel and she is allowing new members to join.  I’m a new member to the group.  The event takes place from January 1st through the end of June.  I’m hoping six months will allow me enough time to read this novel and other works on my list.  My copy of War and Peace has 696 pages, which is way I didn’t count it towards my Tea & Books Reading Challenge since it isn’t quite over 700 pages.  But it is darn close! (Correction, Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat pointed out that I own an abridged version of the novel.  I’ve had this copy for years, over twenty, and I’ve never looked at the inside.  I think this proves how much this book intimidates me.  Thank goodness I didn’t have the unabridged on my shelf or I never would have considered this group read.  I will be reading an unabridged version and now I can count this work towards my Tea & Books Reading Challenge.  Thanks Caroline!  I would have felt like a cheater if I found out later.)

I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous about this one.  For some reason this tome intimidates me.  But here’s to hoping that I will fall in love with the story and his writing.  Also this novel is on my 1001 list so no matter what I’ll have to read it in order to finish my reading challenge.  I’m hoping that reading it with fellow bloggers will make it more enjoyable and less intimidating.

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TB Markinson is an American living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.
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39 Responses to War and Peace Group Read

  1. Every time I think of this book, I always think of The Huffington Post’s “synopsis” of it: ‘First there was war, and then there was peace’.

    I sure hope there’s more in between!

    Good luck! I’m sure it will be both a challenging and rewarding read. Make sure to write a review after you’re done!

    • TBM says:

      For my sake I hope there is more to it as well or it could be a very long read! I’ll write a review when (if) I complete it. Six months should be plenty of time…hopefully!

      • Jillian ♣ says:

        There is! It’s all about the people. (The first half, at least. I don’t yet know what happens in the second half.)

  2. niasunset says:

    All these things are so nice and seem so exciting and enjoyable… I love everything about books or reading BUT ah, how I wish(ed) to be able to read books in this language like my own language… It takes time always… But for this new year, I will take much more seriously this matter, and I want to read in English language. But of course I can’t catch you and I can’t reach your level of reading (because of the language)…. Just I wanted to share dear TBM, you are so nice and how I love when you talk about books… Thank you and Good Luck, I will be reading to you always. Have a nice and enjoyable reading time, with my love, nia

    • TBM says:

      Nia I understand completely. I wouldn’t be able to read many novels that weren’t written in my native tongue. I wish you luck this year to read more in English. I marvel at your skill. Thanks for your best wishes!

  3. Caroline says:

    TBM, that isn’t possible. War and Peace has 1500 pages. That’s why I’m hesitating and would have to read it at my own pace.

    • TBM says:

      LOL…I just looked at my copy and yes it is abridged. Off to the store this week. And now I can count one more to the Tea & Book challenge. I wonder if I would have noticed that…surely I would have picked up on it. But I read Sanderson’s work, over 1000 pages, in a few weeks so I’m still throwing my hat in the ring. Are you sure you don’t want to join? I know how much you love chunksters!

    • Jillian ♣ says:

      Caroline, if you end up choosing to read, the schedule is very flexible. I have it set up so that “I” will finish in June, but people can really read at whatever pace works for them, and leave a link to their thoughts as they are inspired. That way, if someone wants to come along in 2013 and read, and see what others have posted along the way, we have a collection of thoughts laid out by whomever participated. So, TBM could choose to stretch the read until December 2012 (1 chapter a day) and still have a schedule to follow and places to leave links. You could read at whatever pace inspired you, and come along in (for example) 5 months to leave a link to your thoughts for the first post (ending at Volume I, Part Three, Chapter XIII).

  4. Beth Ann says:

    That is such a great idea to read it that way. I have never read it and it intimidates me, also. I don’t know if I am enough of a “scholar” these days to undertake that challenge!!! I will be interested to hear how you do with it!

    • TBM says:

      I don’t think I’ll be reading it as a “scholar.” I love to read just to read. Some of the other group members might delve into it from a scholarly point of view so be sure to check out their posts if you want to know all the ins and outs. I love to talk about plot and character development, not if the color blue really means that it is blue or if there is a hidden meaning.

    • Jillian ♣ says:

      No need to be a scholar! 🙂 We’re all just reading for fun. It’s a very relaxed readalong.

      • TBM says:

        That’s good to know! I love hearing other people’s thoughts. I participated in a couple of group reads last year and really enjoyed seeing how I may have loved one character and someone else hated that character. Gives you more perspective.

  5. Caroline says:

    I was chewing my nails after I posted it… all of a sudden I was not sure if I was mistaken (I have no copy at hand) and then I browsed on amazon de and the copies kept on getting longer and longer, there are many different versions of War and Peace and the most complete has almost 2000 pages. I’m not sure if you noticed that Emma and I had a War and Peace discussion on my Dostoevsky post. She said it was an incredibly quick read as she loved it so much.
    After everything she wrote I want to read it but must do it at my own pace. It would put me too much under pressure if I didn’t but.

    • TBM says:

      I should have known since I thought the page count was low. But I didn’t think to look. Thank goodness you brought it up! I’ll have to check out the discussion. It makes me feel better that she thinks 2000 pages was a quick read. I’m a little nervous about the deadline, but I thought this would be a fun way to tackle this novel. I enjoy hearing other viewpoints. The Dune group read got me hooked. If you don’t join this one, I hope we can do another group read together this year!

      • Caroline says:

        I’ve seen several bloggers complain about kindle editions of classics. They are often abridged.
        I also hope we can do a group read together. I will probably publish my Literature and War Readlong List next Tuesday. I still wait for one book to arrive, before I was able to browse it, I’m not sure I can inlcude it.

      • TBM says:

        That is good to know about the kindle editions. I would right back in the same problem. I’m looking forward to seeing your list! Maybe War & Peace would fit in on your list. Just kidding!

  6. Fergiemoto says:

    Good for you!! I’ve also been intimated by War and Peace. Such a long book.

  7. Wow. what a book to read 🙂 good luck with it 🙂

    one day i hope to give it a go too 🙂

  8. Jillian ♣ says:

    Thanks for joining! I was a bit nervous when I started, too. 🙂 But the chapters are very short, and the story is good. So you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    The post I linked above has a character list & tree that might be useful to you, to print out. The toughest thing is keeping all the names straight, but after a few chapters, that gets easier.

    Too bad you had an abridged version! That keeps happening w/my French reads. I got a 500 page copy of Les Miserables, and it’s supposed to be 1400+ pages!

    Cheers and good luck! 😀

    • TBM says:

      Thanks for the names and tree. That will be helpful! I’m looking forward to the novel. I think once I get into it, the fear will fade. I was organizing my books the other day and I noticed I have an abridged copy of Les Miserable as well. When I picked it up I thought this can’t be right, I know this book is massive. Then I remembered we had to read the abridged version for school. I’ve owned it for years. I will read the unabridged version in the future, but probably not this year.

      Good luck to you!

  9. carol says:

    Yeah, I think even the title’s intimidating, beyond the size of the book. Hope you enjoy it!

  10. Jillian ♣ says:

    Almost forgot:

    This post @ The Blue Bookcase is really helpful as you enter W & P. 🙂

  11. Oh, that is tempting. I just uploaded War & Peace to my Kindle. A couple of months ago I read Anna Karenina for the first time and loved it. The only hard part was keeping track of all the Russian names. Tolstoy is not difficult to read at all, much to my surprise.

    • TBM says:

      You should join! It will be fun to read this with a group. I’m hoping that will help me keep all the names straight. It is funny to read that you think Tolstoy isn’t difficult to read. I’ve heard that from many people and yet when I hear his name I get nervous. I wonder why that is.

  12. War and Peace! Good luck with that!

  13. Kristina says:

    Great novel! Is it going to be a physical meeting or are you going to share your thoughts online? There are lots of book groups in London to join: D Great challenge for 2012 🙂

    • TBM says:

      Good to know you liked it! We will share our thoughts online since many of us are in different countries. I’ll have to look into book groups in London, but right now I have my hands full with reading projects online. I’m hoping to be able to finish War & Peace in 2012…but it may creep into 2013. You never know what the year will bring.

  14. Have fun reading this ‘tome’ of a book – I’m sure you’d finish it in no time. 🙂

  15. The Hook says:

    You’ll be fine! Have fun explorong one of the greatest tomes ever written!

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