Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are some flowers for all of you.  I’ve always loved flowers.  It makes me smile whenever I see them when I am wandering around.  This photo was taken in Boston, Massachusetts.  However, I can’t have flowers in my home.  I’m so allergic and each year it gets worse.  Luckily I can have them on my balcony outside and I can be around them in the open.  This day used to be very hard for me when I worked in an office.  When I would see all the flowers being delivered I cringed.  Fortunately at my last job another coworker was even more allergic than me so everyone knew to keep their flowers away from the common areas.  I felt bad, but I think they hated hearing us sneeze and watching us cry.  So I hope you enjoy one of my favorite ways of being surrounded by flowers.


About TBM

TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast (lesbianswhowrite.com) with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (iheartlesfic.com), a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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37 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. T. F. Walsh says:

    The flowers are gorgeous…:) Happy valentines day.

  2. From one allergy sufferer to another, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    • TBM says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you suffer as well. I would love to have fresh flowers in my home, but I just can’t. But it saves me money for traveling. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Caroline says:

    No Valentine’s Day in Switzerland. You would be safe on the flower front.

  4. Kristina says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! These flowers are gorgeous! I love flowers and I am nt allergic so if you get any, send them over, I will look after them! 😀

  5. Carl V. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. I hope your day is as lovely as those flowers.

  6. BuddhaKAT says:

    Glad you can still enjoy flowers in the open air and take pictures for us all to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day—-those are beautiful flowers!!! And no sneezing!!!

  8. frizztext says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  9. Thank you – I´m hugely allergic to olive pollen and grasses – not something I ever really had to deal with in London!

  10. I love flowers. Husband just spoiled me by giving me a bouquet of red roses and Royce chocolates. Yum. 🙂 It’s good that I’ve never been allergic to flowers. When I was in Prague, May of last year, the city welcomed me with dandelions in the air. I am sure it would have made you sneeze to death, but at that moment, it did feel magical.

    • TBM says:

      Ah your husband is sweet. I’ve never had Royce chocolates–I bet they are delicious. I used to walk through gardens and such in Boston and it depended on the day if my allergies would act up. I know when I have to get some room from them. I can’t wait to go to Prague!

  11. wolke205 says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂 That s sad that you are allergic to this wonderful flowers..At least you don’t have to sneeze & cry while looking at photos with them 😉

    • TBM says:

      The crying part is the most embarrassing. My eyes get all red and it looks like I am so sad. Then the sneezing kicks in and people start to realize why my eyes are red. Have a great day!

      • wolke205 says:

        I so feel you, I m allergic to many things. While working on a horse stable, my boss only had to wait one minute until I was sneezing. So I could never hide from him lol Have a great day as well 🙂

      • TBM says:

        🙂 I think a horse stable would get to me as well. It is so hard to hide an allergic reaction!

  12. EvilPoet says:

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ღHappy Valentine’s Day!ღ*´¨)

  13. Fergiemoto says:

    Thank you for the flowers! I feel for you and your allergies. I am highly sensitive to fragrances. Can’t be around them, just like you can’t be around flowers.

  14. carol says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I feel so sorry that you can’t have fresh flowers in your house. I love them. My husband actually got bouquets for both me and our daughter today.

  15. niasunset says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Thank you dear TBM, you are so nice and your flowers are so beautiful… I know how bad to be allergic for them, it is same for my son too. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  16. Happy Valentine’s Day! Lovely flowers! Too bad about your allergy though.

    I love flowers too. But being the singleton that I am, didn’t receive even a leaf let alone a flower. Makes me sad. 😦

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