Travel Photo of the Day (February 6)

I’ve posted this photo before. Does anyone remember who lived here?


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TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast ( with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (, a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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56 Responses to Travel Photo of the Day (February 6)

  1. niasunset says:

    is this Mark Twain’s house… But I am not sure. Beautiful house. Thanks and Love, nia

  2. wolke205 says:

    This looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Nope, but it sure is pretty :).

  4. bocafrau says:

    Harry Potter? 🙂 I really don’t know just taking a wild guess!

  5. I don’t know who lived there, but I want to!

  6. letizia says:

    No idea! Am dying to know now….

  7. winsomebella says:

    Mark Twain?

  8. petit4chocolatier says:

    My first time I believe seeing this picture. I love this house! I cannot wait to hear who lived there!

    • TBM says:

      The house is great. Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside, but it’s just as beautiful. Mark Twain lived there. His neighbor was Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  9. Pogue says:

    Nope don’t know who lived there, but I would love to.

  10. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Hmm I can’t remember. Please enlightened me 🙂

  11. pattisj says:

    I don’t remember seeing it, and haven’t a clue. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

  12. melouisef says:

    No who did?
    Just love this house!

    • TBM says:

      It’s a beautiful house in Hartford, Connecticut. Mark Twain lived there. His neighbor was Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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  14. The Hook says:

    Someone who is now dead?

  15. petit4chocolatier says:

    Wow, Mark Twain! Great taste 🙂

  16. Fergiemoto says:

    Wow, beautiful house! I could certainly live there.
    I’m too late to put in my guess since the answer is now revealed.

  17. viviennecrow says:

    I can tell that if I showed my fiance this he’d want to build our house just like it.

  18. Sartenada says:

    I had a slight idea, but not being sure. Awesome beautiful house!

  19. Jo Bryant says:

    history is such a wonderful thing

  20. lynnsbooks says:

    I don’t care I want that house! Only kidding – it would be a nightmare to keep clean. What a lovely place though.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lynn 😀

    • TBM says:

      You would need a staff to clean. I wish I had a staff to clean and I only have two bedrooms. Which reminds me, I need to clean this weekend

  21. it is beautiful, though.

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