Mystery Fruit #4

Walking through the fruit section this past weekend I spied this. I had never seen it before. Being a curious person I looked at the label. And I thought it would be a good mystery fruit to feature. When I read the name, I recognized it. However, I had never seen it whole—only the insides. At least I think I know this fruit. I promised that I wouldn’t cut into it until tonight. Not sure why I made that promise since patience is not my thing. But they say I should work on it. As you can see in the photo, this is about the size of my hand. It feels heavy and dense. The flesh has a rubbery feeling. I don’t want to take a bite out of it. How many of you know what it is? I’m pretty sure I know, but I can’t be positive until I taste it.


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66 Responses to Mystery Fruit #4

  1. Seasweetie says:

    Is it actually slimey? Or does it just look slimey? My first thought was “Ewwwwwwwww” so I’ll be interested to know what it is. Probably so I can avoid it, unless you tell me that it is yumminess beyond all reason.

  2. Caroline says:

    I have seen this many times but I don’t think I have ever eaten it.
    I’m sure it’s very nice.

  3. I have no idea but am very curious. Do tell us what it tastes like when you break into it!

  4. is it dragon fruit? don’t tell me I have another mystery photo to contend with!

    • TBM says:

      This mystery photo isn’t as consistent, if that helps. I like learning about new types of food and it’s fun to read the guesses and what people call the fruit in their country. But my goal is not to trick people like someone we know. I play fair!

    • Are you girls talking about me behind my back because I’m away and not checking my emails as often?? Be nice now – you know you love my mystery photos, and for the record I knew that this was dragon fruit right away because I just recently discovered this fruit myself. It kind of reminds me of kiwi fruit.

      • TBM says:

        Aren’t you on vacation! No email for you! Have Mike take away your mobile, ipad, and what other little gadgets you have?

      • You would actually be very proud of me :). I can’t use my iPhone much down here because it’s too expensive, so I’ve actually been walking around with empty hands all the time. Well, except for all my hundreds of purchases that is LOL!!! Damn good sales here!

      • TBM says:

        Are you going to bookstores? I’ll live vicariously through you. And yes, I’m proud of you!

      • You won’t believe what I did!! We went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore, and I bought a Nook HD which is an ereader/tablet. I was just looking at their ereader that has a light up screen, but I started talking to a lady who works there, and we just “clicked” because we read the same types of books, and when she showed me her Nook HD I fell in love with it, and *my wonderful hubby told me I could get it. It is still small enough to fit in my purse, but it has full internet, and I can download books from the free ebook website I use directly to my reader. I have been laying in bed reading every night while here, and Mikey hasn’t had to yell at me for having the light on :).

      • TBM says:

        So how many ereaders do you have? Better yet, how many gadgets do you have? Tell Mikey to find another reason to yell at you. Someone has to keep you on your toes.

      • Hmm, let’s see. I have a dedicated Sony ereader, the Nook HD which is a combo ereader/tablet, and an iPad which can also read books but is quite heavy to hold for that purpose. Then I have an iPhone which is really too small to read on and a laptop. I think that’s it LOL!!! 🙂

      • TBM says:

        Now do you have a special bag so you can carry all of this with you? I have a laptop and Miles

    • All of the smaller items go in my purse which is why I have such a huge purse (LOL!!) and then I have a laptop bag and a nice bag for my iPad too :). I have no dogs to carry :).

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Is it dragon fruit?

  6. Rosa says:

    Are you sure it is edible? 🙂

  7. blade3colorado says:

    I think it is a Cherimoya. They are delicious. White pulp with large seeds. You see these all the time in Ecuador at food kiosks off the side of roads.

  8. fgassette says:

    I haven’t a clue. Will check in tomorrow.


  9. I’ve had it before, but I can’t remember what it’s called! The texture is similar to a kiwi, but the flesh is white. However, unlike another commenter, the seeds I had were also like a kiwi and very very small. I have no idea how to tell the ripeness of it. I’ve had it juicy but mildy flavored and i’ve had it juicy and pretty sweet.

  10. Georgia says:

    It looks like dragon fruit to me. The flaps on the outside look like you can peel with them but actually you can’t. The inside is a really delicate flavour, which doesn’t really do much for my weak taste buds. There are at least two versions – the red and the white fleshed, I think also a yellow fleshed one as well. I hope you enjoy it! It looks like this is what you have pictured:

  11. Erin Elaine says:

    Dragonfruit. I ate it in Hawaii, so delicious!!!

  12. petit4chocolatier says:

    No clue! I cannot wait to see what it is 🙂

  13. T.F.Walsh says:

    That’s dragon fruit… so yummy.

  14. samokan says:

    Dragon Fruit !! .. When I was in Siem Reap, the hotel I stayed served it for breakfast every morning. It was ok but I am not fan ( they only give me few slices ), maybe if I had more I might like it 🙂

  15. bocafrau says:

    I’m not sure what it is but reading some other comments I’d go with dragon fruit as well. I think, I’ve seen that before. Can’t wait to find out!

  16. The Mouse says:

    I think it’s dragon fruit. The inside should be white with black spots (like sesame seeds). The testure is like a soft kiwi fruit. That’s my guess.

  17. Valentina says:

    Have no clue and I am very curious.

  18. I know what it is (and it seems a few others on here do, too). I used to work in the fruit section of a supermarket many moons ago, and one day we decided, for the good of our customers, to try this mysterious and somewhat expensive fruit…twice. Actually three times, because the first one was a bit older and had no taste at all – they literally lose their flavour when they get too old. But then we tried some fresher ones, to me they reminded me quite a lot of the taste of lychees – sweet but subtle. Very nice but definitely not something I can afford to eat all the time, at least not in Australia (I imagine they are cheaper elsewhere in the world in some places).

    • TBM says:

      I’ve only had lychees once and I don’t really remember the taste. I remember liking it, but can’t describe it now. And yes, it is pricey. I’m glad I tried this dragon fruit but it won’t be my typical fruit for the day. It was fun to try though. And good for you for trying out fruit to help your customers 😉

  19. dadirri7 says:

    it looks like dragon fruit, from the cactus family … and very delicious if it is ripe!

  20. pattisj says:

    Not a clue!

  21. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Yes its dragon fruit and I didn’t like it but perhaps the one I had wasn’t ripe enough.

  22. lrbersih says:

    Its positively a Dragon Fruit (Buah Naga) ^_^!

  23. Hanna says:

    Its absolutely a dragon fruit ^_^

  24. zozokie says:

    Looks like a heart.

  25. Novroz says:

    that’s dragon fruit!!!
    I love it especially when it is cold…it tastes so fresh.
    we often use it for drinks, like a coctail of fruit…but I like to eat it just as it is.

    they said this fruit has good substance to prevent cancer.

    seeing this post makes me want to eat one 🙂

    • TBM says:

      I hope you have one soon. Interesting tidbit about it preventing cancer. From what I read, it’s good for you, but didn’t learn that. Not sure it’s true, but it’s a nice thought. I think it would be great in a drink. Maybe next time 🙂

  26. niasunset says:

    seems to me like coming from science fiction novels… 🙂 Thanks dear, I know now, I also read in your next post too. I wonder now its taste… Love, nia

  27. I’m late to the party but haven’t we had a Dragon Fruit mystery fruit before?

  28. Fergiemoto says:

    That’s one I haven’t seen before, so I wouldn’t have guessed correctly. Interesting looking fruit.

  29. Iamrcc says:

    I guess it’s aptly named because it’s ugly and dragons are ugly. That said, nice discovery. They don’t sell it in my grocery store. Thanks for the like of my Weekly Challenge post representing “Future Tense”.

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