Travel Photos of the Week: Mark Twain’s Home in Hartford

I mentioned earlier this week that I would share some photos from my visit to Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, Connecticut. This isn’t the first time some of the photos appeared on this blog. Back when I first started blogging in 2011 I had no idea what I was doing (I’m still learning). I would put up a post and my best friend would make a comment and no one else. Then I posted about Twain’s house. When I got home after work I checked my blog and saw that tons of people commented on it. And people kept writing congrats on being FP’d. I didn’t know what that meant. I Googled it and discovered it meant Freshly Pressed. I felt like an idiot. Anyhoos, back to the house. Unfortunately you can’t take photos inside, but the outside gives you a pretty good idea. If you are in Hartford I really recommend taking a tour of the house.

About TBM

TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast ( with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (, a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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98 Responses to Travel Photos of the Week: Mark Twain’s Home in Hartford

  1. Colline says:

    Love the portrait of you TB. So apt as you are a writer too 🙂

  2. fgassette says:

    I love visiting old homes of famous people.


  3. You totally just gave me my smile for the day seeing you as Mark Twain. Did your fingers start itching to write while you were there?

  4. No photos inside?! How miserly of them. They let you snap away in Hemingway’s house.

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    I had no idea he had a place in Hartford. Meanwhile, Twain hair is a good look for you.

  6. Geoff W says:

    I never knew you were FPd! I’m so jealous (but not surprised).

  7. biblioglobal says:

    That definitely looks like a house for an author!

  8. bulldog says:

    Love it… and you’ve been freshly pressed… what an honour…

  9. Didn’t realise you were the spitting image of the man himself 😉

  10. It sure looks lovely from the outside. I blew through Hartford once on a road trip with an other that proved to not be very significant. I would love to some day visit this place with my pal Milton.

  11. bocafrau says:

    Love the look of that house. There’s something so interesting about visiting places like that – imagining how they lived, where they wrote etc. It’s all endlessly fascinating to me!

  12. Lucid Gypsy says:

    What a quirky looking place 🙂

  13. Beautiful home!… I would love seeing it!

  14. Rorybore says:

    I really love that house!! The architecture, that front veranda, the glass room to the side must be some kind of indoor greenhouse (drawing a blank on what they are called)….. it’s exactly what I would picture a writer living in.
    Lego! I should have no problem getting my son to read Tom and Huck Adventures now!

    • TBM says:

      Indoor greenhouse works for me or maybe a sun room (is that the word). I would love to live in this house. Wouldn’t want to clean it though. I hope your son enjoys!

  15. Cynthia Cortez says:

    The house looks beautiful in some way and love the legos man >.< so awesome! time-consuming though definitely

  16. Darlene says:

    I would so love to visit his house! You look lovely in the white suit.

  17. Wow, so cool how you got to visit Mark Twain’s house. Your pictures of it are great!

    • TBM says:

      Thanks. it was a wonderful day. After visiting we visited some breweries in Hartford. I love history stuff and the better half loves beer. It goes together nicely.

  18. Novroz says:

    You’ve been FP-ed once…that’ so cool!!

    Anyway, I love the house! It looks so comfy

  19. Jo Bryant says:

    Love this house. Wow. I want to live there.

  20. neat! T.B., this is amazing, but another blogger I also follow posted on the same topic 1 day before you!. here it is:

  21. interesting blog – and love the photos

  22. pattisj says:

    What a great-looking house! I would love to go inside–and write, just to see what it was like.

  23. I would love to go to Twain’s house. I understand how you could get choked up while touring around. To think that he wrote one of the best American novels in those rooms! I had a similar feeling when I was in Key West at Hemingway’s writing studio. I wondered if he stared at the window trying to think of the right word or smacked his forehead in frustration when he couldn’t decide how to move the plot forward.

    • TBM says:

      Do you think he stared because he couldn’t think of a word or the alcohol? I’m amazed the man wrote as much as he did. no way I could do that. Hemingway’s house in Key West is on my must see list.

      • Amazing, isn’t it? I recently reread A Moveable Feast and despite the alcohol consumption he never strayed from his writing discipline (at least in his earlier days).

        Someday I would like to go to Edith Wharton’s house.

      • TBM says:

        I enjoyed A Moveable Feast. Not as much as his novels, but still liked it. I wonder if F. Scott every read it 😉 Not a very flattering picture.

        Wharton–I need to add that to my list!

  24. The Guat says:

    Dude it totally seems like after visiting his house people would be inspired to write their novels as soon as they got home. And that’s so funny I never knew you were Freshly Pressed, but in truth it doesn’t surprise me that you made front page news. Your posts are always so interesting the pictures pretty cool too.

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