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It’s that time

For a holiday! It feels like I haven’t had a break in years, when it’s only been a few months. Tomorrow we’re heading to Scotland. Edinburgh to be exact. I’ve never been and I’m looking forward to seeing some of … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need A Break

And beer. The Better Half and I have been working long hours. So far, 2015, has been all work and not much fun. That was until last week. TBH had a chance to leave the office early and called to … Continue reading

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Is it really almost February?

Holy cannoli! January is almost over and I haven’t wished all of you a Happy New Year yet. So here it goes and my apologies if you’re tired of hearing it: Happy New Year! Whew! That’s done. I don’t have … Continue reading

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My apologies for all the Christmas Cheer in this post

The Better Half and I don’t exchange Christmas gifts, and some people think we are a bit Scroogish. That’s so not the case. I love this time of year and I try to soak in as much holiday cheer as … Continue reading

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London Has Been Invaded By Bears

Paddington Bears to be exact. Fifty Paddington statues have popped up in London as part of the promotion for the Paddington movie. I noticed one several weeks ago and when I searched online I found out that the bears will … Continue reading

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My internet dilemma and why I’ve been absent for a month

Wow! It’s been a month since I’ve posted here. I never intended to take a month off. The last time I wrote I mentioned that we moved into our new flat and that the internet would be hooked up while … Continue reading

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The good and the bad

The good news, we are moved into our new flat. The last few weeks have flown by. Yesterday we were running a few errands and the better half said, “It feels like all we’ve done lately is move from one … Continue reading

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What’s that in the sky?

Hello folks! I wanted to check in and say hi. This week I’ve been slammed with some deadlines so I didn’t have a chance to write any reviews or visit any pubs (this will shock some). While I’ve been hammering … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Better Half!

It’s Friday and usually I do a pub review on Fridays. Not today. Instead, I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my Better Half. This whole weekend we have plans to celebrate, including a restaurant that … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I was in the heart of London a couple of weeks ago and loved seeing all the lights. These photos were taken on a cold night with my cell phone. When I got home, Miles let me know he wasn’t … Continue reading

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