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Happy Holidays from Miles

Many of you know that my dog, Miles, is a good sport. This past weekend I signed him up for a photo shoot. He wasn’t willing to sit still when we were outside since we usually play outside. Miles loves … Continue reading

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Seeking Clarification

As I sat in a pub on Saturday (shocking news I know) pondering what my glass meant I realized I forgot to post my pub review last Friday. How in the world did I forget that? As for this picture. … Continue reading

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Three rules in life

I recently met a friendly bartender in Reykjavik, Iceland. We had a charming conversation and he shared with me three rules he follows. Never watch the movie Titanic Never have a Facebook account Never buy an iPhone At the time … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Back … Hopefully Soon

We have two adventures planned almost back to back. One involves getting on a plane and seeing a new place. The other involves packing up everything we own, putting it on a truck, driving a few miles, and then unloading … Continue reading

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The Grumpy Cat

I promised Vishy I would share some photos of my cat, Atticus. I had mentioned that Att can be quite grumpy, but lovable in his own way, and Vishy wanted to see a photo. Being me, I had to share … Continue reading

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Still having issues

I’m sorry to write about this for a second straight day, but I am still having issues commenting on blogs. On many occasions, once I hit the submit button my comment disappears. I have contacted WordPress and Akismet and hopefully … Continue reading

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A Tired, But Happy Dog

We took Miles to the park early this morning for a rip-roaring game of fetch. I think he liked it, but is exhausted.

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Better Late Than Never

When I started my blog, I included a page describing the blog. But I never included an about me page. I know this is really late, over two years late, but I finally wrote an about me page. I realized … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. This year the focus is on ending violence against women, which is a human rights violation that affects 7 in 10 women in the world. Below I’ve listed some startling statistics. Please take … Continue reading

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One Happy Dog

Mother Nature must have read my blog yesterday and took pity on Miles. I mentioned he was depressed about all the cold dreary days. Today the sun was out. It isn’t that warm but it is a drastic improvement. Miles … Continue reading

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