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London Has Been Invaded By Bears

Paddington Bears to be exact. Fifty Paddington statues have popped up in London as part of the promotion for the Paddington movie. I noticed one several weeks ago and when I searched online I found out that the bears will … Continue reading

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The good and the bad

The good news, we are moved into our new flat. The last few weeks have flown by. Yesterday we were running a few errands and the better half said, “It feels like all we’ve done lately is move from one … Continue reading

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Don’t you hate it when your internet doesn’t work!

We are still plagued with internet problems. It’s working here and there. I’m hoping by Monday I’ll be back in business. For now, here are some photos of the fog we’ve had the past couple of mornings. Maybe this crashed … Continue reading

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The Hand and Racquet Pub

We had to run an errand in Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago. It was a frustrating errand that didn’t end all that well. As you can imagine, I was annoyed. So what did I do? If you guessed went … Continue reading

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Geysers, Horses, and a Giveaway

After sharing my experience of trying to get the perfect shot of Strokkur, a geyser at Haukadalur, and my failure to do so, today I want to talk about the geyser park in general. When I first read about it … Continue reading

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An Almost Pub Review

I intended to write a pub review today. I really did. However, this day has not gone according to plan. Actually, this whole week hasn’t been much fun. Thank goodness it’s Friday. When I sat down to write the pub … Continue reading

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The Adelaide Pub

Now that I’m settled into the new flat (mostly), I think it’s time to return to the pub reviews! My last pub review was The Green, located in Shepherd’s Bush. And today’s featured pub is also from Shepherd’s Bush. The … Continue reading

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Three rules in life

I recently met a friendly bartender in Reykjavik, Iceland. We had a charming conversation and he shared with me three rules he follows. Never watch the movie Titanic Never have a Facebook account Never buy an iPhone At the time … Continue reading

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I’m sorry I’ve been absent

Before I begin, I want to apologize. I’m not avoiding your blogs. The Internet in our new place has been sketchy at best. I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing and not something I have to deal with on a daily … Continue reading

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Whew! That’s done

We are back from our holiday and we have moved into the new flat. The last few weeks have been busy and mostly fun(except for the two moving days). Both of us like the new flat but it is a … Continue reading

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