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Horses, boats, pubs, and a royal baby

Last weekend we had three days off. It was wonderful, but I do have to admit, I’ve been scrambling this week to make up for the day off. Not only did we have three days off, but the days were … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Need A Break

And beer. The Better Half and I have been working long hours. So far, 2015, has been all work and not much fun. That was until last week. TBH had a chance to leave the office early and called to … Continue reading

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A Pub, The Color Purple, and Life in London

It’s been a while since I shared a pub on the blog. My quest to visit all the pubs in London is still going strong, but it’s getting a bit hard to share all of them here. Some of them … Continue reading

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Pearl Jam, Fear and Loathing, Tourists, and Miles

I still haven’t figured out how to title these random posts so my apologies. I’m asked a lot how I decide on my vacation spots. I don’t have a certain method. For instance, we went to Prague since I wanted … Continue reading

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The Albion

A few weeks ago we were out and about enjoying a lovely sunny day in London. However, a football match that we wanted to watch was about to start so we started searching for a pub that would have the … Continue reading

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The Old Thameside Pub

This past Saturday we had beautiful weather, which put me in the mood to wander along the Thames. Wandering makes me thirsty. We’ve been by this pub, The Old Thameside, on many occasions but never stopped for a drink. Luckily … Continue reading

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The Long Room Bar and Hotel

The Long Room Bar and Hotel, located in Tooting, opened in 2007. Not only do they serve food and drinks, but they have 14 hotel rooms available so if you imbibed too much, why not stay the night. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Marlborough Head Pub

After visiting some friends in their flat and indulging in a wonderful Sunday brunch a few weeks ago we found ourselves wandering around Mayfair, London. Since we had just eaten a massive amount of food I wasn’t hungry, but we … Continue reading

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The Old Blue Last Pub

The weekend before Christmas, we wandered into a pub in Shoreditch. The Old Blue Last, according to their website, is a great place for live music. There wasn’t a band the night we were there. Before going to this pub … Continue reading

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Seeking Clarification

As I sat in a pub on Saturday (shocking news I know) pondering what my glass meant I realized I forgot to post my pub review last Friday. How in the world did I forget that? As for this picture. … Continue reading

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